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Celebrating Christmas in Egypt Together: Muslims and Christians Unite

Egypt is a land of many cultures and religions, and while the country is predominantly Muslim, there is still a large population of Coptic Christians who celebrate Christmas in December. The two faiths in Hurghada, a popular tourist destination on the Red Sea coast, come together to celebrate this holy time of year. This article will explore how Muslims and Christians in Hurghada celebrate Christmas, what Mohammed said about celebrating it, and why this city is so special for its unity between cultures.

Christmas for Christians

For Coptic Christians in Hurghada—and all over Egypt—Christmas is an important religious holiday with many traditions. Most Coptics attend church services on Christmas Eve and again on January 7th when they celebrate the Epiphany or “Little Christmas”. During these celebrations, they will sing carols; exchange presents with family members, and feast on traditional foods like kahk (cookies), karawiya (a type of syrup) and qamardeen (a citrusy fruit). Some also participate in festive processions around town that include lanterns and fireworks.

Christmas for Muslims

Although not traditionally celebrated by Muslims due to their Islamic faith, many locals participate in some festivities. For example, some families will decorate their homes with colourful lights or cut-outs of Santa Claus to get into the spirit of things. Sweets are also exchanged among friends and family members during this time, as well as gifts from shop owners to loyal customers. One thing Muslims do not do, however, is attend church services; instead, they usually spend time enjoying activities like watching movies or playing games at home with their families.

What Mohammad Said About Celebrating Christmas?

According to Hadith (sayings) attributed to Mohammed, he encouraged his followers to join in with nonbelievers when celebrating holidays such as Eid al Fitr or Ramadan—but also specifically mentioned that celebrating Christmas was acceptable too!

Furthermore, he said, “If you see them (Christians) observing a day other than our festival days, then greet them on that day with kind words”, which is interpreted by scholars today as meaning it’s okay for Muslims to join in on the festivities without compromising their beliefs or values.

Hurghada is where people from many different backgrounds come together to celebrate holidays like Christmas—Muslims and Christians alike! Whether attending church services for Coptic Christians or exchanging small gifts amongst Muslims, everyone can find something special about this season regardless of their faith. It’s amazing how much they can find peace here despite religious differences, showing us that we can find common ground if we try hard!

So why not come to Hurghada this December and experience the joys of celebrating Christmas together? You won’t regret it!

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