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Egyptian Drinks

As a country on the edge of the Sahara, Egypt has developed a wide range of exotic drinks. These beverages contain tamarind, carob, hibiscus, and orchid juice. You can find these drinks in many restaurants across the country. Here are some of the different drinks available in Egypt. Read on to learn more.

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Fresh Fruit Juices

Juice shops around Egypt offer a diverse array of drinks. In addition to fresh fruit juice, Egyptian juice shops also offer vegetable and fruit combination drinks. These can range from lemonade to a strong version of lemonade called Asiir lamoon. There are also milkshakes, and carob juice served cold and dark. Other popular juices include strawberry, orange, pomegranate, and milk. Various seasonal flavours, including hibiscus juice, asab, and the light green juice from crushed sugar cane, can also be found.


If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, you’ve likely heard of asab. It’s a sugar cane juice that’s available in a plastic bag. This delicious drink originates in Upper Egypt, where sugar cane is grown. The cane is grown in many locations, with the highest quality produced in Al-Minya and Markas Malawi. The cane is cleaned and planted in the ground to make the drink. Then it is watered heavily until it grows. After the cane is grown, it is harvested by Matariyya men, who transport it to the juice shops in Cairo.

Another traditional drink in Egypt is aseer asab, made by pressing the juice from peeled sugarcane. The juice is fermented and often contains lemon. It is a popular beverage in Egypt and is said to have many health benefits. Aside from aseer asab, Egyptians also drink tea, considered the national drink. Many people serve Asab hot, but it is also available in iced form.

Hibiscus Tea

Egyptian Yellow Tea

Hibiscus is a tropical plant that grows naturally in Africa and sub-tropical Asia. The flower and leaves are edible and have been used for centuries. The Egyptians used the flowers to boil with other spices and herbs to create a health-promoting tea. This hibiscus was highly valued and became a popular drink in ancient Egypt.

Hibiscus tea is also made into a flavoured juice. It is a refreshing drink and has a unique citrus flavour. Many Egyptians also consume lemonade made from squeezed fresh lime. It is refreshing on hot summer days. You can also add fresh mint syrup to make your lemonade even more refreshing. This drink is known as Lamoon bel nana and is healthy for the body.

Guava Juice

Guava juice is a popular beverage in Egypt and can be easily made home. The ingredients are few, and it’s easy to prepare. You blend the guava with water and a little sugar until it reaches the desired consistency. It’s an easy, refreshing drink that’s very sweet and tasty. It’s especially good during Ramadan.

Fresh guavas are widely available in Egypt and are used to make delicious smoothies. These drinks are refreshing and can be made at home easily. All you need is a blender or a strainer. You can also add milk or some other liquid to make them sweeter. Other popular Egyptian drinks include sugarcane juice, a country’s traditional staple. In Southern Egypt, sugarcane plantations are widespread. This drink is often served cold.

Tamarind Juice

Tamarind juice is a very common ingredient in Egyptian drinks. It is used to make some drinks, including hibiscus tea. Egyptians consume tamarind daily, and the fruit is found in nearly every household. This drink is often served cold and is particularly popular during Ramadan month.

Tamarind juice is an excellent source of antioxidants and one of Egypt’s most popular drinks. It is widely available at juice stands in the cities and is often the highlight of local restaurants. Popular flavours include lemon, mango, banana, and strawberry. More exotic varieties include sugarcane juice, extracted from vast plantations in Upper Egypt. Tamarind juice is also popular and an excellent choice for a drink because it’s so sour but contains many beneficial antioxidants.

The Egyptians were well aware of the effects of alcohol. They frowned on excessive drinking and viewed drunken people with amused contempt and slight alarm. As a result, they discouraged their youth from consuming alcohol. However, they recognized the benefits of consuming juice. It was considered a healthy alternative to self-medication and was even recommended by some doctors.

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Egyptian tea, meanwhile, was a vital part of the Egyptian diet. The people drank large quantities of it. Some sipped it while reading a book or taking a walk. Others drank it after a long day at work.

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